Alkaline LR44 Batteries

Long-lasting Duracell Specialty LR44 alkaline button batteries are reliable choice for your medical devices (glucometer, heart rate monitor), security devices (bank card reader) and other electronics (watch, clock radio, pedometer and more).

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Specialty, Coin and Button Batteries

  • Long Lasting Power, Guaranteed
  • Easy to find right size
  • Alkaline Battery Safety

Long lasting specialty, coin and button batteries

Duracell offers a wide range of specialty batteries (coins, buttons, and specialty batteries). Avaliable in a variety of sizes to power a wide range of devices, from electronics to medical devices and small toys.

Lithium Coins
2016, 2025, 2032
Specialty batteries
MN21, LR44
  • طاقة مضمونة تدوم طويلاً

    Long-lasting power, guaranteed

    The trusted Duracell quality is also available for all your coin, button and specialty batteries.

  • يمكنك إيجاد الحجم المناسب بسهولة

    Easy to find right size

    Quickly find the correct battery size for your device by checking the large battery size numbers on pack.

  • Alkaline Battery Safety

    Keep batteries away from children. Warning sticker and engraved warning are included on batteries.

Duracell Specialty batteries

Industry name
Energizer name
Varta name
Industry name CR2032
Energizer name ECR2032
ECR 2032
Varta name CR2032
Industry name LR44
Energizer name A76
Varta name V13GA
Industry name 3LR50
Energizer name A23
Varta name V23GA

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I mix old and new batteries?

Do not mix old and new batteries. Doing so will reduce overall performance and may cause battery leakage or rupture. We recommend replacing all batteries within a device.

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Does it matter what type of batteries I use in my device?

Always replace the battery or batteries in your equipment with the size and type specified by the manufacturer. Alkaline batteries are often recommended for best performance because zinc carbon batteries have inferior life spans and equipment may not operate properly if zinc carbon batteries are used.

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How should I dispose of batteries?

All batteries should be recycled. Batteries should not be disposed of with household waste but taken to battery collection points for recycling.

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